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Posté le: 14 Juil 2021 09:30 || Sujet du message: NEW GAME
Surely you are very familiar to the Vex game series. You must remember awesome Stickman who have has great dexterity and speed. Stickman loves to discover and can't sit in one place too long. He always runs out into the streets and carries out interesting adventures. Gets through all the obstacles and conquers all challenges which the game requires!

Now, you can meet cute Stickman again in Vex 5. Vex 5 is the newest version of Vex game series with vivid images and more interesting missions waiting for you. Are you exciting about it? Let's play it and have awesome new experiences.

In Vex 5, you have to control Stickman speed up, jump from roof to roof, climb the walls, avoid all traps and get more points. A range of complex levels to figure out. The game becomes harder and harder when you reach higher levels. Therefore, you need extraordinary skils to overcome all of them!

Vex 5 is a game worth conquering with high challenges which puts your skills to the test. A few unfortunate deaths except can happen before you can master this game. It takes time to conquer all missions. Don't give up. Many awesome rewards waiting for you ahead and you can be a champion.

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