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Posté le: 06 Juil 2018 14:12 || Sujet du message: AC21 SHADOW DIAGRAM DISPLAY ISSUE B/N VIEW MAP & LAYOUT

Currently having issues with the display of my Shadow Diagrams in AC21 - I use 3D documents taken from a 'top view' of the model to create a live image that can be annotated. However, between the View Map and Layout Book the appearance changes, with the actual 3D model disappearing, and only the shadow/2D annotations visible.
The next issue is that this appearance sometimes occurs in the View Map too. I've tried changing View Overrides etc and they work in the short term both in the View Map and Layout Book however it always reverts back.
Has anyone else experience this?

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Good evening, a note to tell you that I love your forum, so I do not deprive myself! Thank you for all the work that it represents and for all the pleasure that I find there.

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